Desiremovies notorious piracy promoting website that provides many pirated movies and series to internet users for free illegally. A famous website that is known to leak movies within hours of its release, hence to be known as a famed website.

Piracy is a criminal act and the Government of India has consummated some punishment for the same. As per the Cinematograph Act of 2019, if any individual is found recording a film without the written consent of the producers, he or she can face a jail term of up to 3years and slap with a fine.

With the popularity of the internet and technology evolving rapidly, more and more people prefer to consume their content online. However, the increase and demand for online consumption give way to piracy, and also because of the high speed and cheap broadband service more content being pirated. Unfortunately, a lot of these websites are services that are illegally streaming or providing links to places that illegally stream movies. Because these sites don’t have the right to show these movies, they’re supported by malicious advertisements and malware that can cause problems with your computer. However, file sharing is 100% legal, in no country is file-sharing illegal until its a copyright content, this is considered illegal. 

Hence watching copyright content is illegal, as result watching anything on them is an act of piracy. There are hundreds of illegal streaming websites, Desiremovies is one among them, as it uploads the latest Hollywood movies.

About Desiremovies

Desiremovies is one of the fabled illegal streaming websites that host Hollywood movies available for streaming. Most people use this website to watch Hollywood movies for free. All the movies are shown without advertisements. It also provides dubbed movies, web series, in the genre like horror, action, comedy action, sci-fi, etc. in HD quality, and these movies are pirated versions of the real film.

Why should I not use an illegal movie site or service like Desiremovies?

It may be tempting to try to find the latest movies for free online. However, there are several reasons we’d recommend not trying to illegally get a movie.

  • It illegal and could result in a fine.
  • Websites that want to try making money from other people’s work have to rely on malicious advertisers that may install spyware or other malware on your computer. 
  • You are taking money from the content creator who has paid probably hundreds of thousands or millions to make the movie. 

Illegally leaked movies by Desiremovies

Desiremovies leak movies from all around the world. The website is infamous for posting Hollywood films right after the theatrical release. It has an enormous selection of English films. Some of the Hollywood movies on the site are-

  • Ip Man 4
  • The finale 
  • The call of the Wild 
  • Bloodshot 
  • The Main Event 
  • Kem Cho 

What is the Government doing to stop piracy?

Since Piracy is illegal globally, the Government of different countries has banned sites like Desiremovies. However, the platform manages to work around the ban routinely changing its domain name extensions and keeps leaking a lot of movies from a number of film industries illegally. 

Best Legal and Illegal Alternatives of Desiremovies

Today, there are many websites that allow you to watch full-length movies for free and legally. Below is the shortlist of the best free movie websites on the internet. Some of these websites allow you to sign up free without any subscription or install special software. 


Piracy is an act of crime and is an offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page is for just information purpose, and we never encourage or opt to use such sites.

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