Did Common cold protect from CoronaVirus attack?

CoronaVirus affected people may protect by the common cold. Scientists have discovered cells that can attack Covid-19 in the bloodstream of people who have only ever had common colds before, all of which are caused by other coronavirus strains. In the US, as COVID-19 death toll increasing day by day, this study might be of great help.

CoronaVirus and the common cold: Watch to find the link between the both

The researchers from La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California warn that their findings are yet to prove outside of a laboratory. Their study, published in the journal Cell, looked at immune cells – known as T-cells – which differ from the B-cells that produce antibodies. Instead of latching onto the virus, T-cells provide another line of attack by targeting other infected cells.

Similarly to antibodies, they are made in response to an infection and remain afterward. The researchers from La Jolla Institute for Immunology in California looked at the blood of patients who had recovered from Covid-19.


They found that T-cells that they had already had in their blood responded to the new virus. It suggests that exposure to other corona-viruses such as the common cold or flu had somehow primed their T cells to recognize and attack Covid-19.

The team suggests that this could influence their susceptibility to the new coronavirus by preventing them from getting infected or developing severe disease. The finding raises hope that some may have a degree of protection already and could explain the possible randomness in how severely the virus strikes.

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