Download Money Heist Latest: Netflix Releasing “Berlin Forever “ left Fans Emotional

According to a news report, Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, is the elder brother of The Professor and the second-in-command of the robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain. Despite being a charmer, he is a sociopath.

Money Heist Latest: Netflix Released “Berlin Forever “ left Fans Emotional 

But it is slowly revealed that Berlin is also terminally ill. So, when he decides to sacrifice his life to save his fellow heist members, you cannot help but shed tears.

In the video titled Berlin Forever – One Story Away, fans from countries like France, Canada, South Korea, USA, UAE, Italy, South Africa, Japan and others share how they reacted to Berlin’s last moments and his tragic death. While some said you need a man like Berlin in a team made of bank robbers, others said, “Berlin is trying to find himself even in his afterlife.”

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The video ends with fans singing the show’s theme song “Bella Ciao”

Money Heist
Money Heist

The video was visited and shared by millions of Money Heist fans around the world. 

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