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    ”DracoTok” by the HARRY POTTER fame Tom Felton hit a milestone with 16 Billion Views!

    Most recently, TikTok has been of a great, beneficial, breeding ground to express one’s opinions as well as exhibit one’s own talents in a creative and artistic manner. Lately, the #DracoTok trend seems to have occupied a pride of place among the active TikTok users around the globe, where the “Harry Potter” fans on TikTok have been using the hashtag #DracoTok for videos devoted to their crushes on the character of Draco Malfoy. It is in this context, the fans witnessed an unexpected, funny yet thought provoking reaction form Tom Felton, who played one of the titular roles in the ever cherished fantasy series ”Harry Potter.”

    tom felton
    tom felton

    Harry Potter, being one of the most followed film series based on the eponymous novels by J. K. Rowling has stood the test of time right from the moment of its inception till the day. The worldwide fan circle whose tentacles are getting branched day by day seems to be constantly following the Potter cast. A year or so before, the revelation by Rupert Grint regarding the ‘little bit of a spark’ between two ‘Harry Potter’ co-stars, Tom Felton and Emma Watson brought Tom once again to the media attention. Now he kind of seems rules the media platforms atop when compared to his co-stars, primarily due to his viral #DracoTok videos.

    ''DracoTok'' by the HARRY POTTER fame Tom Felton hit a milestone with 16 Billion Views! 1

    Tom Felton, an American actor, who recently celebrated his 33rd birthday in an eloquent manner has come up with his response to the #DracoTok videos and this response seems to have crossed 16 billion views as per the latest reports. The actor recently announced this happy news through his social media platforms.

    Tom Felton thanks his fans for making his #DracoTok hit Billion Views!

    “to my lovelies who made a #dracotok , fans who watched , thank you for getting us to 16 BILLION views.. let’s keep the … going x,” posted the actor.

    tom felton in harry potter
    tom felton in harry potter

    In association with the re-streaming of the ”Harry Potter” series via Peacock, the actor recently took to his TikTok platform to reveal his reaction to his first scene in the series. Even before this his DracoTok video caught the public attention and in many in some recent interviews, he has opened up how much fun it was for him while doing these #DracoTok videos.

    Watching the #DracoTok videos of his fans, Felton has commented on several of the videos, and finally when he uploaded his very own reaction video and used the hashtag himself, it went viral beyond expectations.

    “POV: watching [Tom Felton] react to your #dracotok videos,” Felton wrote in his caption, along with a snake emoji (for Slytherin) and the hashtags #amidoingthisrightyet? and #TikTom.

    In the reaction video, Felton goes through a series of exaggerated emotions that include shock, disgust, amusement, confusion, and ultimate sheer joy.

    Congrats Felton for making it hit billions. Way more to go!

    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose
    Navya Rose is a Post Graduate in English language and literature. She is a voracious reader, logophilic, a wordsmith and an ardent lover of verbal creation.

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