Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66: The Tea Spilled

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66: Synopsis

It’s HERE! The FINAL Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66 FULL Spoilers of the entire chapter. Uub helps Vegeta, Goku kills Moro, Vegeta uses the Spirit Bomb-type move, Goten and Trunks return, as the Ultra Instinct Goku vs Planet Moro Fight comes to an end.

This arc was refreshing but also nostalgic with all the throwbacks to the Dragon ball sagas from Z. The only thing that made sense was people getting angry with is the whole Senzu thing, but for many fans, it seemed like a necessary thing to show us that Moro never ever intends to stop his evil shenanigans. And make him a good enough threat in such a way that even MUI would need a specific method to kill him. The best part is that Vegeta ended up playing a major role in that (and didn’t become fodder like most people were crying about)!

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66

Needless to say, very excited to see Uub, but even more excited to see what the next arc is gonna be about! Hopefully something about the Angels or maybe even something completely new!

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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 66, this arc was pretty bumpy, but for Toyotaro’s first arc that was basically 100% him ( or as close to it as he can get), it’s pretty good. It feels like a big step above previous arcs and hopes going forward, we get more arcs that Toyotaro creates largely on his own. Having villains like Moro who are more than just high power lever breadsticks and have unique abilities like magic, the ability to manipulate life energy, etc was a refreshing change of pace. We also got to explore the actual universe more via the Galactic Patrol and learn more about how angels work which is excellent. 

Now fans around te world looking forward to the next arc…!

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