Dwayne Johnson calls his new recipe “INSANELY DELICIOUS”!

Dwayne Johnson, the fitness freak often shares his special recipes which were of immense help for him to maintain his healthy physique with his fan followers. All these fitness special recipes have proved themselves to be magical in all senses.

Lately, Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as the ‘Rock’ has come up with a brand new recipe for his fans, which he calls as ‘Insanely Delicious’. With a detailed video of his flavorsome ‘Coconut Banana Pancake Recipe,” he made his fans salivate all throughout!

Dwayne Johnson’s NEW RECIPE shall make your mouth watery!

“When even steam can look delicious. This is the moment where my mouth salivates and I get silly and stupid
My coconut banana pancakes are INSANELY DELICIOUS. Best pancakes I’ve ever had – drop – I’m gonna gather our special recipe and share it with you guys. I want you have these in your life!!! Enjoy your cheat meal Sunday, my friends,” posted the star.

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Seeing the video snippet of his delectable new recipe, his fans world over crowded beneath the post requesting him for the recipe. To this he replied that the recipe shall be soon made available to everyone.

Of late, he has begun the countdown for the launch of his brand new energy drink “ZOA,” and his fans are eagerly anticipating the availability of the pristine energy booster. The world awaits!

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