Dwayne Johnson in ‘Red Notice’: What’s the role of ‘Cleopatra’s Egg’ in the movie?

Dwayne Johnson,alias ‘The Rock’ looks dashing in his novel role as an Interpol agent in his upcoming movie ‘Red Notice’. Recently more updates about the ‘on set’ programmes was shared by the star via his Instagram post. The novel ‘on set’ images revealed more about the over-all idea of the movie.

The first post among his new ‘Red Notice’snapshots captured him in a monochromatic background with the ‘Red Notice’ movie clapper towards his side. “Focused and sharp. Feeling the downhill momentum on this movie. Production crew is galvanized and ready to finish strong.Excited for you guys to see this one”-captioned Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson's Post-Workout Routine
Dwayne Johnson’s Post-Workout Routine

Red Notice: More clues are out now!

This was followed by yet another photograph with his writer cum director Rawson Thurber and Erica the operations coordinator, seriously discussing about the museum scene which forms the pivotal part of the movie.

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“Intensely focused.(which often comes across as angry)With my RED NOTICE writer/director @rawsonthurber going over our scene that will take place in the famed museum, Castel Sant’ Angelo in Rome, Italy. That’s my Operations Coordinator, Erica in the background – she’s the REAL hardest worker in tin the room”-posted the actor.

Dwayne Johnson calls his new recipe INSANELY DELICIOUS
Dwayne Johnson calls his new recipe INSANELY DELICIOUS

The third snapshot seems to be the most relevant part of the movie which reveals the further clues about its plot. By revealing the key, valuable artifact Gadot’s cunning art thief is looking to steal he opened up doors for the movie buffs to come up with their possible ruminations.

“I give you one of the rare and true priceless artifacts to ever exist – Cleopatra’s Egg.Are you sure you want to steal it on my watch?The FBI Profiler.The World’s Most Wanted Art Thief.And the greatest conman the world has never seen.Excited for you to see this movie in 2021 — only on Netflix”- posted the actor.

The antiquity in question is an exquisite golden egg that once belonged to Cleopatra herself. In the post, Johnson’s FBI profiler character also issues a warning to Gadot’s art thief against looting the artifact under his watch. While Johnson did not detail any further information about the relic, he shared his excitement for audiences seeing Red Notice when it premieres in 2021.

Dwayne Johnson's 'Teremana' cracks the Top 5
Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Teremana’ cracks the Top 5

In this movie Dwayne Johnson is playing an INTERPOL agent who’s been tasked with tracking down and apprehending the world’s most wanted art thief. Wonder Woman 1984’s Gal Gadot is playing said art thief, while Ryan Reynolds, who worked with Johnson last year on Hobbs & Shaw, will play the world’s greatest con-man.

Red Notice was originally going to be released theatrically in 2020 by Universal Pictures, but Netflix acquired the feature in July 2019. There’s still no word on when Red Notice will drop on the streaming service, as the pandemic interfered with its progress. Red Notice began filming at the start of January, but once movie and TV productions started shutting down left and right in March, the cast and crew of the Netflix movie weren’t able to resume work until mid-September.

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