Dwayne Johnson retweets on the Sunday Night Football tweet

American actor and former American football and Canadian football player Dwayne Johnson posted on Twitter writing about Sunday Night Football. Johnson was a former football player himself before he pursued a career as a professional wrestler. He was a promising football prospect and got into many Division 1 collegiate program. He played defensive tackle at the University of Miami where he got a full scholarship. He was one of the Miami Hurricanes’ national championship team.

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Later, Dwayne signed with the Calgary Stampeders of Canadian Football League as a linebacker. 

Dynamic Duo: Dwayne Johnson and the Queen

After watching the game today, Dwayne Johnson wrote that he really liked watching the game. “Man it was good to watch football tonight. Defending champs looked great, all players kicked ass, that 17,000 made some noise; and my unique relationship with the Queen was revealed. Welcome back NFL, coaches and especially, the players.”

He wrote on the post of Sunday Night Football, in which a poster of both Dwayne Johnson and Queen Elizabeth ll sitting next to each other. He wrote on the post of Sunday Night Football “my unique relationship with the queen was revealed.”

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Many commented on his post on Twitter. Many asked him for his opinion about the people booed while the players stood alone to convey their protest to the conditions in the country. “ How about the noise they made at the start? Going to pretend you didn’t hear that??? Both teams should have walked off the field, and only come back once all fans were removed” one of them wrote.

Dwayne Johnson offered his secret POST-WORKOUT SHAKE recipe
Dwayne Johnson offered his secret POST-WORKOUT SHAKE recipe

Another Twitter user commented “Didn’t know you two were that close, but I’m sure she knew what you were cooking… but to balance things in the universe it’s good to see two nations coming together.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to disrupt the balance and the change of Power.”

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