Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” having fun with his Daughter at Pool

Dwayne Johnson with Daughter
Dwayne Johnson with Daughter

Actor, wrestler Dwayne Johnson shared a cute video of him having fun with his daughter at a swimming pool. The new video clip in which he appeared playing with his daughter in the pool, indicates that he played with her for about 20 minutes until he felt pain in his arm.

Dwayne captioned the video as “AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN!” 😂💦 and I have zero say in this matter 💁🏽‍♂️. We play this game for 20min till my arms feel like they’re falling out of their sockets – then we play “Daddy is the horse shark 🐴 🦈 where she gets on my back and we ride around the pool – only caveat is, I have to be underwater and gallop on all fours. What a fun game that is 🤣 As relentlessly energetic 🌪 as my kids are, man this is the stuff I truly cherish.#ourbond”.

Dwayne's Instagram Post
Dwayne’s Instagram Post

In the video it’s shown that the actor is standing at the pool having fun by throwing her up and catching and he repeats it a few times. The little girl also seems to enjoy the fun with her Dad.

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