Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” Impressed by the Funny video of him with his Daughter

Dwayne Johnson loves spending time with his daughters. Yesterday, The Rock had posted a video of him playing in the pool with his daughter. The former wrestler-Dad is seen throwing his daughter in the air and catching her when he falls in the pool. His daughter seems to enjoy it with joy every time she goes up in the air.

Watch: Dwayne Johnson playing Daddy with his Daughter

Today the actor had shared a funny video of his enjoyment at the pool with his daughter. The video had impressed the actor as his words on the description proves it “Laughing HARD at this one 😂🚀👧🏽 EPIC edit from @jonbrandoncruz #yourfatherisverystrong⚡️ #getafterit 💪🏾🤣”. The video is really funny as it shows his daughter flying up like a launched rocket moving over spaces and the maker of the video Cruz had also included Dwayne’s Films in this funny creation, Jumanji, Black Adam, Cruz also included the former wrestlers fighting videos mixed up it along with the short clippings of Teremana Tequila.

Funny video shared by Dwayne at Instagram
Funny video shared by Dwayne at Instagram

Last day the actor shared his fun video with his daughter at the pool describing it as “It was such a joyful video. The Rock had captioned it – ‘“AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN!” 😂💦 and I have zero say in this matter 💁🏽‍♂️We play this game for 20min til my arms feel like they’re falling out of their sockets – then we play “Daddy is the horse shark 🐴 🦈where she gets on my back and we ride around the pool – only caveat is, I have to be underwater and gallop on all fours.

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What a fun game that is 🤣As relentlessly energetic 🌪 as my kids are, man this is the stuff I truly cherish. #ourbond”.

Dwayne's real Instagram Post made on last day
Dwayne’s real Instagram Post made on last day

The funny video shared by the actor today seems impressed by the public as it reached more than 3 million reactions at Instagram in an Hour.

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