Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” is watching NBA Finals with the Perfect Setting

To watch your favorite shows, movies, games, etc. within the comfort of your bedroom with your favorite snacks is a true joy for everyone. Former American football player and Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson is having a good time watching the NBA Finals.

Dwayne Johnson Watching NBA Finals

Dwayne Johnson is watching the NBA Finals from his home having his favorite pasta and meatballs with chocolate chip peanut butter cookies on the side. Dwayne posted on Instagram, he watching the NBA Final between Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat.

Posting the image, he wrote “Friday night and I got my fork AND my spoon for my big ass plate of pasta & meatballs w/ chocolate chip peanut butter cookies on the side – so you know I’m doin’ damage 👊🏾😈 Watching my two hometown teams @Lakers and @MiamiHeat battle for that championship ring!

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They’ve sequestered in the NBA bubble away from their loved ones for 3+ months now and leaving your families is a hard thing to do in these wildly unpredictable times. All for the love of the game and to give the fans greatness.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

Good luck tonight, brothers. Much much respect. And clearly, I’m eating like a champion in your honor”.

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