Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Teremana’ cracks the Top 5!

Dwayne Johnson has made history with his Tequila brand ‘Teremana’! Recently, the superstar human being ‘Dwayne Johnson’, often known as ‘the rock’ took to his Instagram post to share this good news of his Tequila brand cracking the top 5 list!

“World’s BEST as our @teremana cracks the TOP 5 – THANK YOU

This one means a great deal to us as we take great pride in delivering the highest of QUALITY to all of you and also considering the extraordinary tequilas on this list.

Slow roasted, hand crafted and respected – made the right way – we are proudly the tequila of the people,” posted the star.

'Teremana' by Dwayne Johnson
‘Teremana’ by Dwayne Johnson

Through this very post ‘the rock’ expressed his wholehearted gratitude to all those well-wishers who made this venture a grand success. He also exclaimed that he was indeed honored to share the brand with everybody out there and took to his pride for the quality of the product, which he believed as the primary reason for its triumph.

A month before, Dwayne has come up with an argument that “Teremana is a legacy brand for me.”

“Teremana” hits a huge milestone!

“I’m going to work extremely hard to not only deliver legacy to our consumers but also I want to pass on this legacy to my children,” he added. He shared the history of establishing his brand of Tequila in one of the most recent interviews that he gave to ‘The People’.

Dwayne Johnson and his brand 'Teremana'
Dwayne Johnson and his brand ‘Teremana’

Digging deep about the success of ‘Teremana’, there is a lot that went on behind the scenes. “I felt like in order for the brand to have legitimate longevity, I had to learn and absorb the tequila business and history from day one, going to Mexico and spending time with the families who have been in the industry for generations,” he says. “We went through 113 distillations before we perfected it.”

Now that ‘Teremana’ has got its name atop the best 5 list, all credits goes to Dwayne Johnson and his team. Flourish!

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