Dwyane Johnson shares the Surprise call he made to Aldis Hodge

Black Adam movie has found its Hawkman, as Aldis Hodge has been cast as the DC superhero alongside Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne made a surprise call to Aldis and later he shared the call at his instagram post. The post shared by Dwayne shows Adis was really surprised and he didn’t even believe its Dwayne Johnson talking with him for a couple of times.

Dwayne says “I called Aldis personally as I wanted to surprise him that he got the role and it wound up being one of the greatest conversations I’ve ever had”.

“Aldis: Hello?

DJ: Hello, I’d like to speak to Aldis.

Watch: The Surprise Call of Dwayne Johnson to Aldis Hodge

Aldis: Who is this?

DJ: This is Dwayne Johnson.

* long pause

Aldis: Whoever this is, stop playing on my phone.

DJ: This is Dwayne, is this Aldis?

* longer pause

Aldis: This shit ain’t funny, I said stop playing on my fucking phone.

DJ: Aldis, this is DJ. I just called to say thank you so much for sending in your audition – it was great and I really appreciate the efforts you made. Just wanted to say thanks and best of luck in all you do. And one more thing — welcome to Black Adam.

* longest pause

Aldis: I’m sorry you’ll have to hold on for a one second.

* he puts the phone down and walks away and all I hear is inaudible yells 😂


* I’m laughing my ass off by now.

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DJ: You ok? You’re gonna crush this role!

We went on to have an awesome conversation full of gratitude, love and motivation.

Can’t wait to work with this very talented brother.

The perfect HAWKMAN.

Aldis Hodge and Dwayne Johnson
Aldis Hodge and Dwayne Johnson

Let’s get to work” -the actor shared one of the “greatest conversations” he had ever made.

“HAWKMAN is a critical leading role for our movie, as he is the fiery leader of the JSA (Justice Society of America) and one of the most beloved and legendary characters in the DC UNIVERSE”-wrote the “Rock”.

Hodge’s most recent credits include The Invisible Man and the forthcoming One Night in Miami, wherein he plays football icon-turned-actor, Jim Brown. Black Adam is slated to hit theatres on Dec. 22, 2021 — just five months after Johnson and Collet-Serra’s next film Jungle Cruise.

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