Education unions warn against school reopen in the amid of coronavirus

The country’s most prominent education unions warn against school reopen in the amid of coronavirus. Teachers unions and parents in the UK are urging the Government not to rush into reopening schools in the summer term.

As Boris Johnson prepares to announce a limited easing of the UK lockdown measures on Sunday. School leaders say they need time to reorganize the way they operate to avoid transmission of coronavirus. According to reports, primary schools will open first, with pupils from Years 10 and 12 being the first students to return to secondary schools, provided ministers were satisfied the transmission rate will not cause a ”the second peak.”

School reopen only after completing tasks

They asked the Department for Education to give them assurances over-testing, infection control, and extra funding, including for mental health support for children. It includes additional money for deep cleaning and personal protective equipment (PPE) and local powers to close schools if clusters of Covid-19 infections break out in a particular area.

School reopen transmission between children not explained

Last week, an NHS chief warned the Government it should be cautious about reopening schools too early as scientists do not fully understand the extent of coronavirus transmission between children.

school reopen in the amid of coronavirus
school reopen in the amid of coronavirus

The unions are also asking for special attention of helpless students and families, additional resources for enhanced school cleaning and local autonomy to close schools if there are clusters of new cases of the virus. England’s Department for Education said it would follow scientific advice about the “right time” to reopen schools.

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