Ella Woodward undergoes ‘quick labour at home’ thus welcoming a Baby girl “MAY”

The health guru, Ella Woodward, 29, has welcomed her second child, a daughter called “May”. Deliciously Ella revealed on Instagram that she had given birth to a baby girl at home, with her husband Matthew Mills by her side. Ella and Matthew are also parents to daughter Skye, 14 months.

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Ella wrote at Instagram “May Mills 🥰❤️ Arrived in the world just after midnight on the 8th October after quick labour at home. The sweetest little soul – we’re over the moon and totally in love ❤️.” Ella had also shared an adorable image of herself with the newborn “May”.

Ella with newborn May
Ella with newborn May

The adorable image shared by Ella shows herself keeping “May” over her chest lying on the bed. “May” looks cute in her white with pink Baby suits, Mom Ella too looks beautiful in her blue shirt.

In a selfie shared by Ella on late September 16, Ella had announced that she had reached her due date. “Just waiting and waddling… she’s fully baked, engaged and now we just trust her that she knows when to come and meet us 🥰”- Ella captioned the selfie.

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Ella explained last year to her social media followers why the couple had chosen to plump for an alternative birth after researching hypnobirthing and water births, and described labour as ‘powerful’ and ‘intense’.

Selfie shared by Ella informing she had reached her due date
Selfie shared by Ella informing she had reached her due date

The cute image of mom and newborn is impressed by the followers s they are pouring their love as likes and comments.

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