Emilia Clarke at TIME100 Talks on Representation and Health

English actress Emilia Clarke is known for displaying strength as Daenerys Targaryen had done a talk at TIME100 Talks on representation and Health. The actress herself had made an Instagram post announcing this “I had the great honour of sitting down with @time to discuss… well.. 2020.

Watch: Emilia Clarke’s Reflections on Health

I offer some of my opinions on a number of topics, from @sameyouorg and our incredible health services to the sometimes painful idea of hope. spoiler alert: I’m an optimist. Link in the bio to watch that chat! #igothope #🚀 #thankyoutimeforyourtime”- captioned the actress.

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Emilia returned health after suffering two brain aneurysms starting in 2011, her road to recovery brought her to a deep appreciation for the care she received during her journey, thus she wants to enable others with brain injuries to find similar resources. “When you personally come very close to dying—which I did twice—it” the actress mentioned of her severe brain aneurysms.


SameYou, Clarke’s brain injury recovery charity, attempts to help serve that purpose. But the charity also experienced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “People with brain injuries were leaving hospital early,” she said. “My heart was bleeding for all the people who weren’t able to get what I was able to get.” Experimenting with new virtual ways to connect with brain injury patients has presented its own silver linings. “COVID has paradoxically been quite an incredible moment for us to really assess that properly and see: how are the ways, during a global pandemic, can we reach out and make people not feel alone?” the actress said.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke

The actress also shared a piece of advice “When you feel bad when you feel low when you feel sad when you feel scared—I think there’s a societal set up for you to grab for more to fix it, to kind of cover it. When really what you need is to strip it back and be introspective and reflective where possible. That’s the thing that’s going to last you for the rest of your life.”

The actress and her charity is doing great effort for the people suffering brain diseases.

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