Entertainment Methods Provided to Jail Inmates

A jail is appointing prisoners as Redcoat-style Entertainment Reps to run games, quizzes, shows, performances, and lectures to keep fellow inmates relaxed.

Many prisons are have been contributing to some useful activities with fun and knowledge to the prisoners. Recently, one among renowned prisons has contributed to the education facility of the Prisoners. 68% of people released from prison return within three years. But less than 1% of graduates from Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison ever return. By offering college degree programs, their mission is to give people the tools to turn their lives around and give back to their communities when released.

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The newly innovated entertainment sector has prisoners who serve as Plant Reps to sprinkle pot plants, Fish Reps to watch after tropical tanks, Gym Reps to assist other’s work out, and Art Reps who operate painting classes with the prison’s artist in the apartment. And there is a Budgie Rep too. They are permitted to keep birds in their prison cells at the UK’s only entirely therapeutic prison. Cell-mates at HMP Grendon, Bucks – multiple doing life sentences for murder, rape, and incendiarism – are assumed to receive their £8.11 weekly prison wage performing cleaning chores. But volunteers put in their names on a whiteboard advertising openings for “select jobs”. Convicts then decide on who gets each role, a blog by a co-operating prisoner known as Adam Mac reveals.

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He said: “Some of these are comparatively easy, such as Plant Rep, warranting all of the plants at the back are sprayed with water on a daily basis. Some have more work such as the Entertainment Reps – putting on a collection of events for ­inmates to visit and experience.

Once a week, the group of workers is expected to attend a meeting with the authorities, and available rep-roles are rostered and offered on-at-a-time.The concluding person for each job also called the “finisher”, then describes what the job involves and what they derived from it, along with any challenges,” Grendon was quoted saying.

Entertainment Methods Provided to Jail Inmates
Entertainment Methods Provided to Jail Inmates

A report said: “To help create an ordinary atmosphere, characteristics such as pot plants, pictures, and fish tanks have been proposed.” The penitentiary – home to 235 C-B prisoners, has numerous fish vessels, planned to heal prisoners and help them pacify after mentally exhausting therapy sessions.

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