Saturday, April 4, 2020
apple tv plus event

Apple set to fund oscar-probable movies for exclusive streaming rights

A report by the New York Post implies that Apple is in discussions with several directors and film celebrities to support films that have...



Trend Youl FraudWatch International

COVID-19 Infodemic (Online Scams): FraudWatch International Takes The Initiative to “Turn The Tide”

MELBOURNE, Australia: FraudWatch International a leader in online brand and anti-phishing industry targets on the pandemic of fake news surrounding the coronavirus...

Huawei is all set to shift their research from the hostile US to Canada...

Chinese tech captain Huawei, facing US criminal charges and economic sanctions, is planning to migrate its telecommunications research from the United States to Canada,...
top employer europe

Huawei Recognised as European Regional Certified Top Employer

Germany: Huawei has been Officially Recognised by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer 2020 in Germany. The...
noble skiodo tv

The incredible 40-inches Noble Skiodo TV launched in India

The Noble Skiodo announce the launch of its latest 40inches DLED TV. The TV is too perfect for complete home entertainment. It has some...

Featuring an UTG display in new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is thinner than...

Samsung was one of the initial smartphone manufacturers to release a foldable device in the market. Though the galaxy Fold was not actually a success,...