Eric Schmidt Quietly Left Google completely?

“Eric Schmidt left Google in February this year, according to the CNET report”. Google, which was all set to celebrate its 12th anniversary, has recently announced the shocking news about Eric schmidt leaving the company.

Eric Schmidt, the man who led Google’s transformation from a startup to the world’s largest search engine, has left the firm. Reportedly, Schmidt left in February three years after he said he would step down. The MasterMind of the Google Pixel camera team “Marc Levoy” left Google in March.

Eric Schmidt former CEO to leave Google: Watch to know Why

After being a chief executive officer for Google from 2001 until 2011, Schmidt became executive chairman of Alphabet but announced an intention to transition to a “technical advisor” role in December 2017, while still maintaining a board seat.

Eric Schmidt officially exited the Alphabet board

In April 2019, Schmidt refused to seek re-election to the Alphabet board of directors, and officially exited the board in June that year, but stayed with the company in his advisory role.

Eric Schmidt advisory position

Eight months later, he left that final advisory position. It is unclear accurately why Schmidt has left Google entirely, as neither Google nor representatives of Schmidt wished to comment on the matter.

Eric Schmidt left Google
Eric Schmidt left Google

Alphabet didn’t announce the departure, and it’s declining to respond to the report. His exit means he is off Alphabet’s payroll, where he was earning $1 a year as the advisor.

In the last decade, he’s consulted with the U.S. Department of Defense, contributed to philanthropic efforts, and invested in several startups. He now advises companies seeking to integrate cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in the military.

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