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    Everything About Harmony OS – Competitor to Android?

    Huawei launched Harmony OS at their Developer Conference on August 9, 2019.OS is faster and safer than Android as per the Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard.

    Recently Google has stopped its bond with Huawei after the US government blocked it from buying components from American firms.

    At Present, Huawei can possibly use the public version Android, can’t use Google’s proprietary apps and its services which include Play Store, Gmail, and YouTube.

    The major difference in Harmony OS is Yu highlighted Harmony’s cross-platform Potentialities.

    Watch: Harmony OS Users Manual Below

    Huawei’s smart devices such as smartwatches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems, and smart speakers will all run on this OS he added.

    It’s a micro-kernel based OS. In a nutshell, micro-kernel OS’ seems to be safer and far more efficient than hybrid kernels which power most OS’ today.

    Micro-kernel OS is working on Google, for its’s forthcoming Fuschia OS.

    Will this Harmony OS will run on Huawei’s smartphones is still an uncertain question, Yu didn’t mention smartphones throughout the entire conference, according to the reports.

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    But he did reveal that there might be a time where Huawei cannot support the Android ecosystem.

    Vincent Pang and Huawei Senior VP mentioned that it had no such plans for coming out with a smartphone running on Harmony OS.

    For the time being, it seems that Huawei is keeping quiet close and waiting patiently for the 90-day extension they received from the US government.

    Huawei has apps for Harmony For any OS the biggest matter is the type and number of apps that use.

    Harmony OS
    Harmony OS

    The reason behind the failure of Windows on smartphones is because it doesn’t have the repertoire of apps as Android and iOS.

    The same occurred with Blackberry’s OS. For Harmony to achieve success, it needs to get developers and enough interest to build apps for the platform.

    According to Yu, Huawei will launch Harmony OS as an open-source platform, worldwide.

    Huawei will also set up an open-source foundation and an open-source community to help more in-depth participation with developers.

    Yu said that Huawei will begin from China and then expand it further to the world ecosystem.

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