Excel welcomes belong gaming arenas partnership

Excel Esports, a United Kingdom-based organization, has announced a new partnership for the 2019 League of Legends European Championship. Belong Gaming Arenas will join as the organization’s official arena partner.

Belong Gaming Arenas; a United Kingdom-based chain provides social space for social and casual gaming. It produces  Xbox Ones, PlayStation 4 consoles, Gaming PCs, etc. The company also hosts events at its arena stores. Gamers can use their premises as practice areas for esports teams,  parties, and other social events. They have 22 stores across the UK and surrounding countries. They offer the equivalent of a PC Cafe explicitly made for gaming in the United States or the famous “PC Bangs” in Korea.

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The company features on the jerseys of the organization’s LEC and LVP UK League teams. The two parties plan to collaborate for esports fans throughout the United Kingdom endorsing several events. These include Twitch LDN, Insomnia 66, Insomnia 65, etc. while other collaborations consist of brand activation in Belong Arena stores.

Kieran Holmes-Darby, the Managing Director of Excel Esports, said, “We are proud to announce Belong Gaming Arenas as our Official Partner.” He further added, “We are looking ahead to working closely with the brand and utilize their cutting edge technologies.”

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Excel Esports was announced as one of the ten franchised partners before the 2019 LEC Spring Split. The team landed at the 9th place with Team Vitality recording 0 wins and three loss. However, Excel UK and LVP UK League Championship team proved excellent during the Spring Split 2019.

belong gaming arena
belong gaming arena

The partnership announcement comes after the April announcement. Wherein  Excel Esports unveiled its Excel HQ, Twickenham Stadium,  at the home of English Rugby and training facility. Everyone at belonging is positive to bring their fans and community together with exciting new events and content coming up with the new partnership.

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