‘Exclusives: ‘After Ever Happy’ to follow ‘After We Collided’ and ‘After We Fell’!

The ‘After’ series has been in high demand for the past few months. The recent release of the second sequel in the ‘After’ series has caused a sudden upsurge in the audience, unfurling a wider viewership across the world. Yes, Tessa and Hardin are continuing to toy with the hearts of many romantic geeks out there.

Once the second sequel ‘After We Collided’ got released on October 23rd, this year, the fans are on pins and needles to know more about the upcoming sequels of the series. Soon after the second franchise began streaming on screen, the ‘Afternators’ received tidbits of updates regarding its third franchise titled as ‘After We Fell’. It was reported that the crew has started working on ‘After We Fell’ which was temporarily discontinued due to the pandemic situations.

Latest Updates: ‘After Ever Happy’ is the fourth sequel in ‘After’ Series!

The news about ‘After We Fell’ to follow ‘After We Collided’ was in fact a ray of hope for most of the ‘Afternators’ that they kept following their favorite duo Tessa and Hardin to dig deep for more latest updates. Now there is yet another pleasant news for all ‘Tessa-Hardin’ lovers. Yes, its nothing else, the fourth franchise of ‘After’ series, ‘After Ever Happy’ has successfully completed its filming process.This is indeed a ‘hurray moment’ for most of the ‘Afternators’. Now they shall get to discover more of ‘Hardin-Tessa’ chemistry which will be soon revealed through ‘After We Fell’ and ‘After Ever Happy’.

The latest update about ‘After Ever Happy’ completing its production process was revealed through the official Instagram page of the movie ‘After’. The fan-favorite actor’s Hero Fiennes Tiffin (playing Hardin Scott) and Josephine Langford (playing Tessa) personally thanked the fans during the wrap-up party of ‘After We Fell, and ‘After Ever Happy’.

”THAT’S A WRAP. Hero and Josephine are so thankful for fans like you and can’t wait to share the next chapters in Tessa and Hardin’s love story in #AfterWeFellMovie & #AfterEverHappyMovie”-says the post.

This was also accompanied by a video snippet where both the actors expressed their whole-hearted thanks for accepting Hardin and Tessa. They also officially announced that both the upcoming sequels in the ‘After’ series, ‘After We Fell’ and ‘After Ever Happy’ have completed their shooting process.

Apart from this the crew has also released a ‘Certificate of Authentication’, issued and guaranteed by producer Brian Pitt for both the upcoming series, finally confirming the completion of the production process.

‘After’ series is based on the novel series by Anna Todd. It began with the first franchise ‘After’ in 2019 and now has completed the second sequel ‘After We Collided’ released in 2020, which is now streaming on Netflix.

Now all you want to know is further about ‘After We Fell’ and ‘After Ever Happy’ Let us stay tuned!

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