Exclusives: Community Medical Services to ease the health care burden in Wisconsin and Arizona!

Community Medical Services (CMS) will be soon spreading its tentacles to the states of Wisconsin and Arizona! The best treatment in the world, ‘Opioid Treatment’, a brand new treatment technology, shall be opened shortly in both these states. CMS made this hasty decision as new CDC data recorded 81,230 fatal drug deaths in a 12-month period through May 2020, a new record.

Of late, CDC data exhibited that more than 450,000 Americans died from an opioid overdose between 1999-2018 and recently released data shows that the epidemic began to spike in 20193. Additionally, data from the American Medical Association suggests that the opioid epidemic has been substantially exacerbated by COVID-19. And it is in this troubling situation CMS came with their brand new technology of ‘Opioid Treatment’.

Health Workers
Health Workers

According to the latest reports, the CMS facility will open its doors 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and provide all 3 FDA-approved medications for opioid addiction treatment in Phoenix. Also, with this innovative technology, CMS has acquired the title as the first OTP agency in the country to open 24/7 Opioid Treatment on Demand centers (OTOD).

The two newest locations in Phoenix, AZ and South Milwaukee, WI brings CMS’ total number of clinics to 44 and CMS is currently opening an additional five clinics throughout the country, with its 45th clinic slated to open in East Cleveland in the next few weeks.

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Both facilities have been planned to address critical needs in the states’ health care systems.

The news was announced by CMS CEO Nick Stavros in a recent press release.

Community Medical Services to make history with New Opioid Treatment!

World Health Organization
World Health Organization

“There is a consensus in the healthcare space that we have lost significant ground in the fight against the opioid crisis as any healthcare system is not equipped to fight two wars on two separate fronts,” CMS CEO Nick Stavros said. “Now, more importantly than ever before, we must step up the fight against the drug epidemic that has ravaged our country for decades. And that means expanding access to treatment to those who are suffering from addictions to opioids and other illicit substances.”

Working 24/7, Phoenix shall provide the best of all facilities including a full-time staff of nurses, medical providers, and counselors.

The clinic will also conduct outreach to local hospitals, harm reduction agencies, justice system and correctional health entities, and crisis system partners to help navigate people into treatment.

The Public Health Agency of Canada to track the Virus Variants
The Public Health Agency of Canada to track the Virus Variants

“We understand that when those suffering from an opioid use disorder make the decision to seek treatment, time is of the essence,” Stavros said. “They might change their mind within a matter of hours, so it is absolutely imperative that we give them access to treatment at any given time. We are proud to participate in this opportunity to give new treatment options to people who may badly need it.”

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