Exclusives on Lifetime’s ‘Dear Christmas’: This is the ‘unbelievable surprise’ that the movie had planned for its audience!

Christmas season is round the corner! Jingle bells have begun tolling at our doorsteps. And to make this ceremonious festive season more joyful and special Lifetime has come up with its brand new Christmas treat with ‘Dear Christmas’!

The movie synopsis records that ‘Dear Christmas’ is a story about Natalie Morgan (Hart). She is host of the popular podcast Holiday Love, as well as a respected author in America! Her podcast—which is either named Holiday Love or Dear Christmas . Natalie is an expert on romance, because she shares beautiful stories of holiday romances with her fans. But, she has never experienced a romance herself.

Christmas With the Darlings
Christmas With the Darlings

Finally she takes a book tour. She is swinging over to her hometown in time for Christmas with her family. In addition, it is time to celebrate a milestone. Her parents are celebrating their Golden Anniversary.The celebration is sweetened more by Natalie finally finding the love of her life!

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The film brought two big names together for the first time, with one being longtime holiday movie vet, Melissa Joan Hart, who also directed “Feliz NaviDAD.” Her other remarkable films include “Christmas Reservations,” “A Very Nutty Christmas” and “A Very Merry Toy Store,” where she has played titular roles.

Don't forget to watch these 6 Hallmark Christmas Movies for Christmas 2020
Don’t forget to watch these 6 Hallmark Christmas Movies for Christmas 2020

‘Dear Christmas’: A Phenomenal meditation on life and human relationships!

Her co-star, Jason Priestley, will also be no stranger to most fans because while this marks his first time appearing in a Lifetime holiday flick, he is likely forever known in the hearts of many who grew up in the 90s as Brandon Walsh from “Beverly Hills 90210.”

Released on November 27th 2020, ‘Dear Christmas’ was indeed a delightful watch.Human relationships are renewed and replenished throughout the movie. The bonding between middle-aged couple mustered a new and vibrant meaning full of virility and passion that makes the plot line one of a kind.

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, the bond between human beings have experienced a positive aura and has received a united consolidation. And when it comes to the movie ‘Dear Christmas’ this very fact of strengthening human bonding becomes a reality, a fact infused visual representation indeed!

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