Exclusives on ‘pregnancy’:Here’s what ‘Never Have I Ever’ creator Mindy Kaling has to say!

Though the quarantine-pandemic-season was a gala time for the majority, it seems that the creator of People Award Winning teenage rom-com ‘Never Have I Ever’ Mindy Kaling is completely occupied! For the past few months there has been a lot happening in the life of the actress cum writer and producer Mindy Kaling. She is booked and remains busy with the upcoming new projects, her pregnancy period and its struggles as well as the renewed production of her show ‘Never Have I Ever Season 2’. An uphill task indeed!

Of late, the actress came up with an announcement about her brand new project, an adaptation of Jennifer Weiner’s novel ‘Good in Bed’, which she’ll produce and star in. She has also signed on to write the script for ‘Legally Blonde 3’. It is said that these dual projects shall be counted forth as a feather on her celebratory hat! Let’s hope it shall.

Mindy Kaling openly reveals about the FEMALE FILM MAKER who INSPIRED HER
Mindy Kaling openly reveals about the FEMALE FILM MAKER who INSPIRED HER

Taking a sneak peek to her personal life, she was at the center of paparazzi lights for hiding the news of her pregnancy. But the actress came up with strange revelations on her pregnancy days in the midst of quarantine and pandemic hurdles.

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She made a surprise announcement last month that she had given birth to a baby boy named Spencer. And now Mindy Kaling says it was ‘kind of easy’ to keep her pregnancy secret thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The 41-year-old Mindy Project said that quarantining at home helped keep her out of the public eye in an interview with Elle that was published recently.

‘I never got super huge, so it was a little bit easier’, says Mindy Kaling on her ‘pregnancy’!

‘I mean, clearly, I was not going anywhere, like everybody else, so nobody found me out. So that was kind of easy,’ Mindy admitted to the public.

Exclusives on Pregnancy from 'Never Have I Ever' creator Mindy Kaling
Exclusives on Pregnancy from ‘Never Have I Ever’ creator Mindy Kaling

Even though her fans were able to connect with her through her social media posts and snapshots, she had skillfully hidden her baby bumps and when the news of her baby boy Spencer’s birth was released out of the bloom the fans stood struck with a thunderbolt.

Along with this she also added about the reaction of her elder daughter Katherine at the arrival of her little brother.

‘When I told her she was going to have a little brother, she didn’t understand he was going to come out a baby,’ she explained. ‘I think she thought he was going to come out two years old, like her.

‘So, the day before I went to the hospital, she was hiding all of her toys. That was her big thing. We’d be like, ‘Kit, where’s your Elmo?’ And we found it stuffed under the bed because she was hiding it so her brother wouldn’t take it,’ the Office star continued.

‘She was delighted when she found out he was so little and would not be interested in playing with toys for a long, long time. Now she’s really on board with it.’

Even during the post delivery period, the actress seems to be engrossed in her production work of ‘Never Have a I ever Season 2’ which is partially based on her own life. 2020 thus has proved out itself as a massive and matchless roller coaster for Mindy Kaling!

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