Exclusives on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: Johnny Depp to be back as Jack Sparrow? Here’s a happy news for the fans!

For the past few months time seems to be too hard on Johnny Depp. Be it his family or his career, nothing is favorable for the actor. Depp, often known as ‘Jack Sparrow’ is at the verge of utter loss. After being charged with a libel and being accused of domestic violence and has been involved in a messy legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, while he also lost a defamation case against The Sun. . It seems that Depp as Sparrow has to click his pause button with ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’. But why ? This question has to be tackled first.

Depp played Captain Jack Sparrow in five films across 14 years. The franchise has accumulated box office takings of over $4.5bn making it the twelfth biggest of all time.Now, The Hollywood Reporter have explained that Disney don’t want to work with the star of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise any longer.The report explains that this decision was taken even before Depp’s trial in the UK against The Sun. This recent announcement has made the fans totally devastated and hopeless. But now what next? Who shall replace Johnny Depp? Let us find out.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

The fans who are used to seeing Johnny Depp as their favorite character ‘Jack Sparrow’ , will now find it challenging to see a new face. And according to the recent report, Pirates of the Caribbean is said to be returning with a new film starring ‘Margot Robbie’ in the lead role.

More updates on the return of ‘Johnny Depp’ as Jack Sparrow

As soon as the news regarding replacing Johnny Depp was made out public,the petitions that came flowing in to recast their John Sparrow was massive and matchless. About a 1.7 million petitions were signed requesting the return of Depp as Sparrow. Also, his co-workers started waging war to take him back to the upcoming franchise of ‘The Pirates of Caribbean’, especially Pirates of The Carribbean’s Mr Gibbs actor Kevin McNally came praising Depp and his character as a person.

McNally, who played Joshamee Gibbs in all five Pirates of the Caribbean movies alongside Depp, appeared on Ellis’ video podcast The Respondent this week.

The full two-hour interview is released at 9pm GMT on Sunday, but in the meantime, a clip of McNally voicing his support for his Jack Sparrow co-star has been shared. “But I have never in 22 years of working with Johnny Depp seen anything that would indicate to me he is anything other than a beautiful human being.”

This shows how massively Johnny Depp has enchanted his fans with his gigantic role as Jack Sparrow. At least the fans can be happy and relieved to see the mounting support that the crew has got for their hero Johnny Depp. This can definitely bring in positive outcomes.

Let us hope the petitions will be answered positively. Let’s put our fingers crossed and wait for more pleasing updates.

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