Expect the Unexpected: Stranger Things Season 4 is all about Dungeons and Dragons?

‘Stranger Things’- a synonym for mystery, adventure, fun and a lot more! The forever enthralled teen sci-fi thriller is all set for a new hunt. Yes! The crew is back with ‘Stranger Things’ season 4!

As far as Stranger Things Season 4 is concerned, the latest news gave novel updates on the cast and the trailer. But what about the plot? Will the upcoming season be worth waiting? Well, yes, says Natalia Dyer who plays ‘Nancy’ on the show.

netflix stranger things
netflix stranger things

Of late, a sneak peak into the possible ruminations of how the plot shall move forward was offered by Natalia Dyer in one of her recent interviews. The hits that the actress offered has in fact caused the fans to build up their expectations regarding the upcoming season.

When asked about the whereabouts of the fourth season, the actor indicated that she thinks that the script is amazing for this next season of Stranger Things. She also added that the current scripts are looking great. Natalia also expressed her awe of how every season’s script surprises them beyond their expectations.

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“Honestly, the scripts are great. I’m very excited. I’m excited for Nancy. Everytime we end a season, we all think, where is this going to go? Where can this possibly go? Then we get the scripts for the next season and we’re, like, ‘Oh my god, wow, like, wow!’”-said Natalia.

Stranger Things Season 4: More hints revealed!

The wait that the sci-fi geeks had to endure for Stranger Things Season 4 was massive and matchless. But the recent reports say that it was worth waiting. The fun packed thriller as it was always is about to come up with more magic and fantasy.

Stranger Things Season 4 Dragons and Dungeons plot
Stranger Things Season 4 Dragons and Dungeons plot

A recent post in the official Instagram page of the show resulted in a spine chilling reaction in the followers. The image, captioned “Heard the Hellfire Club is now looking for new members” contained a creative artwork with a huge load of sword in flames, a morning star, and another weapon with a club chained to a wrecking ball has left the fans bemused.

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For viewers, who have been associating the band of driven teens relying totally on Dungeons and Dragons board game tactics, the announcement of another club recruitment hints that the grown-ups want a new name for their old association. Will there be a dragon chase in the upcoming season? Well, no confirmation from the crew yet.

However, despite thes possible wild guesses, the Stranger Things Season 4 shall indeed be yet another fun packed thriller in all means,s said the crew. Let’s hope for the best and shall wait for more new updates.

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