Facebook currently working on virtual reality headset

Facebook is reportedly working on a smaller, lighter version of its standalone Quest VR headset. Oculus, Facebook’s virtual reality arm, is developing a successor to its mid-tier Quest headset.

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The upgraded model’s feature expected to be a lighter and smaller design that will be more comfortable to wear for prolonged sessions. While the social network giant has likely accelerated development, the new Quest will still potentially face delays due to the impact of the coronavirus on the supply chain.

Earlier, Facebook had developed a technique to transfer pictures and videos to Google Photos and now, with the invention of VR headset, it is off to make a nuanced mechanism to conquer the virtual reality.

The new Quest VR headset is said to feature improvements in a range of features. In addition to an exterior that will be about 10%-15% smaller than the existing Quest, it will have a faster image refresh rate “for more realistic content,” people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg.


Facebook is reportedly testing 120 Hz rendering up from the current Quest’s 60 Hz but could end up capping it at 90 Hz to preserve battery life. Facebook has reportedly not settled on the final design and specs for the Quest successor.

Still, the general vision appears to be to make it smaller and lighter, and for its screen to have higher fidelity than the original model. The second-gen Quest will have the same set of four external cameras, a physical switch for adjusting the interpupillary distance, and support for Oculus Link. This cable lets users plug the Quest into a computer for better performance.

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