Facebook Messenger rooms in Whatsapp “Create your own room”

Facebook Messenger rooms now available in the prompt messaging application WhatsApp but only for Web and desktop.

Facebook Messenger Rooms: Watch Benefits

Earlier Facebook announced that it was testing Messenger Rooms adaptability with WhatsApp. Messenger Rooms, which allot 50 people to video chat with nevermore time limit. The Messenger Rooms support is now attainable through WhatsApp on the desktop version of the app. Facebook has not made any official announcement of the shortcut’s release on smartphones yet.

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The feature is currently accessible only on the web and desktop versions of the app expect to arrive shortly on the phones according to reports. Earlier Facebook authenticated that it tested Messenger Rooms on both WhatsApp and Instagram.

To Create a Room

create a Room, users first need to update the WhatsApp Web to the latest version 2.2031.4. Once that is done, there are two ways to create a Messenger Room on WhatsApp Web.

The first way is by clicking on the three dots on the top left corner of the screen. You will see the option “Create a Room” click on that. Once you click, the display will show a new page for Facebook Messenger Rooms, and you have to click on the “Continue with Messenger” option to create a room. Switch accounts option is there to use a different account to create a room.

Facebook Messenger rooms in Whatsapp
Facebook Messenger rooms in Whatsapp

The second method is for chats. Facebook blended the shortcut to Messenger Rooms comes both individual and group chat. For creating a room for conversation, click on the top right corner and select the last option of Rooms. After that, follow the same in the video conference.

Facebook launched a new platform to consolidate up to 50 people in a single video conference that was useful for the business meeting and online classes amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This platform aims to give racing with video conference platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Notably, the room is not created in the instant messaging app Whatsapp itself, but a new messenger Page.

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