Miley Cyrus Released New Album Midnight Sky

Miley Cyrus self-directed debut

Miley Cyrus has released “Midnight Sky,” her first song of 2020. Cyrus self-directed her brazen new music video, which dropped in tandem with the track. The song was inspired by female music icons, including Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, and Debbie Harry, consistent with a press release. However, that inspiration could also be rooted more in attitude than sonics. In the new visual, Cyrus boldly showcases her independence. “I was born to run, and I don’t belong to anyone.”

Watch the official Video here

The star started hinting at something through her social media platforms last week, posting a part of the music video for “Start everywhere. She captioned the post “Meet Miley Cyrus… again. #SheIsComing #ButForRealThisTime,” throwing in black-heart and guitar emojis permanently measure.

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On Wednesday, she had released a 15-second audio clip of “Midnight Sky” through Instagram Reels, the app’s new tool that permits users to stitch together videos and set them to music digitally. In doing so, Cyrus became the first big star to tease music through Reels, which launched last week. Also, last week, fans started posting screenshots of text conversations with an unknown 323 phone number. Cyrus — or perhaps someone on her team — instructed fans to call the amount, addressing them by their first names. When they’d understandably ask who was texting them, the person on the opposite end responded with two words: “It’s Miley!” If fans went as far on actually call the amount, they’d hear 15 seconds of the not-yet-released “Midnight Sky” before the decision dropped.

miley cyrus performing on stage
miley cyrus performing on stage

“Midnight Sky” marks Cyrus’ first new music since 2019, when she released EP She Is Coming. At the time, Cyrus said the EP would be the primary of three six-song EPs, which would comprise a replacement album, She Is Miley Cyrus. However, that specific project never materialized and was partially delayed after Cyrus was hospitalized for tonsillitis in October and later underwent vocal surgery.

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