‘Nicki Minaj’ Fans thrilled with the statement announced by Rapper

Nicki Minaj On Monday, July 20, drove Instagram to confirm that she’s pregnant. Superstar rapper posted a series of pictures of her pregnant belly with simple hashtag “#Preggers.”

Watch: Nicki Minaj Announcement about her Pregnancy

Fans express their love by greeting the shower knowing that rapper Nicki will be not only a rapper superstar but also a mother. Nicki has chosen to let her Instagram page know she is going to be a mother though she has abridged it with a simple hashtag.


Marriage life

Nicki, 37, married her boyfriend Kenneth Petty last year. The two have been dating since they were teenagers and reunited in 2018 after Petty released from Jail across the line.

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In one picture, Nicki blue-haired, with both hands touching her baby bump while wearing heels with a bikini.


“Love. Marriage. Baby carriage. Overflowing with excitement & gratitude,” Minaj wrote in response to all the fan love. “Thank you all for the well wishes.” Nicki wrote on one snap.


Fans recall that Nicki and Petty received their wedding license in July 2019, “I think I kept what I tried, just glad,” Minaj had previously said in a message. “It was so hard to get to a happy place. I’m here now, and I do not want to compromise for anyone or anything. “

Nicki has previously stated that she wants to be a mother and that she does not wish any action to hinder it.

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