Fear the Walking Dead now in Image Comics: More details are available here!

With its ever thrilling season 6, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has usurped a grand viewership and fan base worldwide. Known as the best ever zombie thriller, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has been counted as one of the among supremely watched web series these days. Along with their web shows, the crew has also designed tidbits of comic strips for entertaining the fans further.

So far there have been two issues of FWTD by deluxe and now it’s the time for a third. The 3rd Issue of FWTD comics were officially released via the Instagram page of ‘The Walking Dead’ and this has left the fans to go gaga over their favorite characters especially Rick!

‘Issue #3 of #TheWalkingDead Deluxe (TWD comics in color with new variant covers) is OUT NOW!’-posted the page.

When and Where to watch 'The Walking Dead holiday specials'
When and Where to watch ‘The Walking Dead holiday specials’

Fear the Walking Dead released the third Issue of its Deluxe comics!

This time what made the comic edition more special is the fact that they are now available in variant colors! The fans are bestowed with a golden opportunity to visualize their favorite onscreen characters in different shades from the usual ones.

The post was also accompanied by a series of four images from the third comic issue which is out now. The post was inundated by positive responses from the FWTD fans. They were extremely disappointed by the absence of Rick from the latest comic edition.

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‘Sucks how Rick has no hand in the comics, he’s limited from doing a lot of cool stuff’ posted a FWTD enthusiast.

‘…which makes him even more badass. A one handed man doing all that shit is awesome;-posted a second.

As far as latest updates are concerned the web series has come to a temporary halt after its season 6. However, the upcoming segment, the season 6 episode 7 of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is fully prepped with fun packed action drama and is scheduled to be released on November 22, 2020, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT on AMC.

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