Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 release date:Madison is back?

Fear the Walking Dead was having its best season forever! With blood-curdling visual treat, season 6 of FTWD was recently deemed to be the best of all by the zombie freaks. The fantastic genre-bustling, action packed end of the first half of season 6 has left all the fans bemused and muddle-headed. The last episode of season 6, premiered on Sunday has made the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ fans restless. Now what about the next episode? What are the possible outcomes of episode 7? Let’s find out!

The spellbinding turn taken by ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ in its last episode was so intoxicating that it welcomed umpteen number of possibilities regarding the basic thread of the upcoming season. Also,this episode turned out to be all the more special since it was the first among all those episodes so far which has left out the story of Morgan. After all,what happened to Morgan? Well,this question has to be hacked first.

Fear the Walking Dead in comics
Fear the Walking Dead in comics

Fear the Walking Dead season 6 Episode 7 spoiler alert!

The last episode of season 6 titled ‘‘Bury Her Next To Jasper’s Leg’ journeyed us along two important roads-Ginny is trying to find out more about the people who keep spray-painting ‘The End Is The Beginning’ everywhere and June is trying to save people.Also,The episode is filled with tough decisions for both June and John. John persuades June to leave with him as he plans to escape Virginia’s control. But before the husband and wife duo can run away, June is summoned to Tank Town to treat the workers injured in a tragic explosion at the oil fields. While June tries to save as many lives as possible with her limited means,Virginia arrives in Tank Town with her Rangers, investigating the “The End Is the Beginning” graffiti.

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Meanwhile, a walker bites Virginia’s hand, June has to decide whether to let her die (which would have been the smarter choice) or save her life. Along with this, heartbroken but determined to escape Virginia, John leaves behind his wife and runs away by himself. This is how the latest episode came to an end.

Also, the rumors of Madison to be back in episode 7 has made the fans uptight. Recently the crew had invited the fan predictions about the upcoming episode via their official Instagram Page where the viewers expressed their anxiety over the absence of Madison in the latest season. Majority of their predictions revolved around the return of Madison. However, there is no recent update from the crew about the return of Madison.

However, the end result of episode 7 from season 6 is guaranteed to be a bolder, more badass collection of stories that manages to feel narratively cohesive while, at the same time, visually and tonally independent.

According to the recent updates, season 6 episode 7 will premiere on November 22, 2020, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT on AMC. Season 6 consists of 16 episodes, which drops new weekly episodes every Sunday at the same time slot. Because of the pandemic shutting down production earlier in 2020, the mid-season finale is going to be episode 7 instead of episode 8.

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