Featuring an UTG display in new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is thinner than human hair

Samsung was one of the initial smartphone manufacturers to release a foldable device in the market.

Though the galaxy Fold was not actually a success, the company managed to pull through and eventually make the product a successful smartphone in the market.

Now, the South Korean tech giant is revealed the news of the launch of the successor, Galaxy Fold 2, which will come with an Ultra-Thin Glass display unlike the bendable polymer display used on the predecessor.

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Previously, it was disclosed that Samsung signed a deal with another South Korean company that would supply the earlier with the UTG displays, Now it has been confirmed to be the case as the company has registered a trademark for the name “Ultra-Thin Glass.”

This move launches after the huge disaster that had initially plagued Galaxy Fold devices when their polyamide film over its flexible display panel was accidentally removed by some people. Thus damaged the screen; thus, making glass a better alternative altogether.

The UTG is hoping to be found in Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and is said to be much thinner than 100 microns or even 30 microns. On the other hand, it is going to be super thin with a width similar to that of human hair. It also makes the smartphone considerably more scratch proof. However, the one drawback is that it is difficult to produce and is even more costly than the previous display.

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Samsung reportedly wants to speed up the production of foldable smartphones this year, to produce in the ranges of 5 to 6 million units for the commercial market; most of these are hoped to be the Galaxy Fold 2 with the novel UTG display.

Dowoo Insys is the South Korean provider for the new display and Samsung has already invested KRW 12 Billion (roughly 10 million USD) for the expansion of its manufacturing capacity which now stands at 500,000 units.

Samsung managed to secret the original Galaxy Fold a mystery till the very end, and in the process, seemingly forgot to test the device in the real-world environment.


This led to a disastrous initial release for the Galaxy Fold. Samsung doesn’t want to repeat this mistake again, so expect to spot a Galaxy Fold 2 in the wild in the coming days.

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