Filmygod a nefarious illegal website which leaks pirated movie online. An online portal that makes copyrighted content available to people across the globe. The website leaks movies without proper copyrights causing major trouble to the makers and media professionals. 

Piracy has represented an enormous challenge to intellectual property rights ever since internet access became commonplace. Currently, illegal downloads or online views of movies and TV series acquire maximum viewership. A network of agents monetize their illegal activity in various ways, first, a pirated copy is posted online and shared, making piracy a lucrative business.

Pirated content is a big problem in countries like India. There are several pirated websites that cause major losses to the makers of the film. Regardless of the strong rules and laws, such illegal websites like Filmygod continue to operate with facileness. Websites like Filmygod online are making it difficult for the content and media professionals to do their business. The website download to access the pirated content illegally. 

About Filmygod 

Filmygod is one of the infamous which are known to leak movies. This website has content from Bollywood, Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and other regional languages as well as movies from regional cinema which includes Tollywood, Marathi, and animated movies Website Fimygod has been known to be blocked by ISPs in parts of India in order to keep the users away from pirated contents. But these sites from time to time spring up in several mirror pages and proxies in an effort to continue its illicit bustles.

Is Filmygod blocked in some countries?

Yes, Filmygod had been ousted from Google’s website. Since some of the countries governing law don’t allow pirated content to be displayed. But, still, we can find it in another domain known as mirror site which is nothing but a clone copy of the same. 

Is it dangerous to download movies from Filmygod?

Has explained above Filmygod is an illegal website that is not at all a safe platform to download films. Moreover, such websites curtail pop-ups which might divert a user to unusual websites. . Or they may prod you to download antivirus or other malicious acts, and also viruses like rootkits, spyware can be established on your PC by visiting such illicit websites. 

2020 Movies leaked by Filmygod

As per the meticulous studies reflects that the due profits of the copyright owners steep down only because of the inability of the copyright owners to identify the proper infringer who leaks the movie on the day of its theatrical release itself and upload it on illegal sites. This same process is done by Filmygod they leak recently released movies for free download to attract its users to find a list of movies leaked by the website.

Naxal Bari Thok Ke Badia


Simple Murder




X Zone

Similar Illegal and Legal Websites like Filmygod

As a part of your comfort and alertness, we have compiled a list of legal and illegal sites for your awareness. Can find several legal sites that provide you with the latest blockbuster for your choice with a free service. 


Piracy is a punishable offense under the copyright act 1957, Universal news strongly opposes any form of infringement act. We neither promote it. This article aims to inform our users to know about piracy and to create an awareness of the prone risks behind illegal websites.

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