First step of “Gundam” Robot in Japan

Gundam robot makes its first step in Japan according to a YouTube video posted earlier this month Seems robotics to the next level.

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Watch ‘Robot Gundam’: Facts and Details

The robot ‘Gundam’ built with inspiration from the famous part of Japanese pop culture sci-fi franchise. The new Video from Yokohoma, company looks hopeful and suggests the first look of the final version building the robot. While construction of the robot has slowed due to COVID-19, it seems like advancement is well begun.

Recent Video shows it taking its first trial steps. The Video resembles to be rushed, so it’s unclear how long the procedure took. While the robot managed to raise its right leg, still missing its head it doesn’t appear to be placing any weight on it meaning this was likely just a test for future walks.

Robot Gundam first walk in Japan
Robot Gundam first walk in Japan

The entire robot, including the head, no head is shown in footage, will weigh about 25 tons possibly, it should be able to walk ample much anywhere, according to Popular Mechanics. The footage shows the giant tacking its first steps at its base just south of Tokyo, in the Port of Yokohama.

Gundam elegantly manifested with abilities single hand, from fingertip to wrist, will stretch 6.5 feet. It will also feature hands with fully correlated fingers and thumbs. The company behind the robot, Gundam Factory Yokohama, was planning to have a preview event this month, but it had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.

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