Ford To Recall 3 Million Vehicles For Air Bags At For A Cost of $610 Million

Ford Motor company said on Thursday it will recall 3 million vehicles for airbag inflators that could rupture, at a cost of $610 million.

Ford Motor Co. has been ordered to recall 3 million vehicles that have Takata airbags, multiple media outlets are reporting. 

Both Ford and Mazda Motor Corp. had petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to avoid the recall. Those petitions were filed in 2017, but the NHTSA announced its decision this week, Reuters reported. 

The company will now be obligated to recall vehicles having dangerous airbag inflators made by Takata. 

Air Bag Inflator
Air Bag Inflator

Ford Airbag Inflator

The defect, which in rare instances leads to airbag inflators rupturing and sending potentially deadly metal fragments flying. Forced the largest automotive recall in U.S history for more than 67 million inflators. 

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The recall includes 2.7 million U.S vehicles. Ford will include the cost in fourth-quarter results. 

Previously the vehicles were recalled for passenger-side inflators. “ We believe our extensive data demonstrated that a safety recall was not warranted for the driver-side airbag. However, we respect NHTSA’s decision and will issue a recall.” Ford said. 

ford reveals to reopen
ford reveals to reopen

NHTSA also required Mazda Motor Corp to recall 5,800 airbag inflators in 2007- 2009 B-series vehicles. 

Takata inflators have resulted in at least 400 injuries and 27 deaths worldwide- including 18 U.S fatalities with two in previously recalled 2006 Ford Ranger trucks. 

The company said the remeasurement loss is expected to reduce net income by about $ 1.2 billion but did not change expectations for 2021 pension contributions. 

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