French President Emmanuel Macron Visited Beirut

French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Lebanese president Michel Aoun today. Macron ‘s visit was in the light of the explosion that took place at Beirut on the 4th of August. The number of people killed in the blast is still unknown, though the authority expects a number of 135 at least along with the thousands wounded and annihilated Beirut’s port in a day.

Watch: French Care for Beirut

Lebanon now faces the challenge of rebuilding an entire city amid a deadly pandemic and financial crisis. French, along with the neighboring countries, already helped them with emergency aid and sent search and rescue teams from the respective nations. Still, it’s unclear about the financial and technical support from the international community to Lebanon. 

The Lebanese government is known for corruption and thousands calling for the change. Macron will also meet the prime minister of the country Hassan Diab and other political leaders, before making a press conference. After the blast took place on Tuesday, this was the first visit by a foreign leader. There is an expected 5000 wounded in the explosion.

Earlier, Trump had announced his decision to participate International Aid Conference call for Lebanon.

France has been there for the support of Lebanon, which was its former colony. But the diplomats revealed that the country has been facing a corrupted government for a long time now.

President Michel Aoun declared three-day mourning for the deceased.

“Lebanon needs to make key reforms to its electricity, banking, and customs sectors immediately “in an international framework, without reform and action against corruption, the country could start running out of fuel and food within months, and that will be the fault of those who refuse to act today. There will be a before and an after August 4,” French President Emmanuel Macron has said.  

French President Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron

Along with France, Iran’s foreign affairs minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted, “ Our thoughts and prayers are with the great and resilient people of Lebanon. As always, Iran is fully prepared to render assistance in any way necessary. Stay strong, Lebanon”.

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