Frozen 3 spoiler alert: Prince Hans to return as villain?

With its remarkably mysterious plot line Disney’s Frozen season 2 came out with flying colors! Right from its beginning till the end it was successful in luring the viewers all throughout the mysterious,enchanting land of fantasy and ecstasy. Now what next? What will happen in the upcoming franchise? Will part 3 be as stem-winding as the previous? Well,here’s the answer.

As far as the plot for Frozen 3 is concerned, a neat and tidy story hasn’t yet officially revealed. As per the recent reports it is totally kept under wraps to avoid speculations and predictions. However, the fans have come up with possible tidbits as to what might happen in the third franchise of Frozen. There do exist a number of speculations when it comes to the major occurrences of Frozen 3.

Frozen 3 spoiler alert
Frozen 3 spoiler alert

One such possible thread of the movie is associated with the love life of Elsa. When Anna got Christoff as her partner,who will Elsa get attracted to? Who is her love of life? Many fans believe that Elsa will finally get a love interest in the third movie. Her sexuality was unaddressed in Frozen 2 and now new theory suggests that Honeymaren is her love interest in Frozen 3.

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Frozen 3: Will Elsa fall for Honeymaran?

Honeymaren (voiced by Rachel Matthews) is a member of Northuldra, Ryder’s sister who wants to bring peace to the enchanted forest. She was trapped in the enchanted forest by the curse. Screenrant reports that Honeymaren is likely to return in Frozen 3 as Elsa’s girlfriend based on the fact that the two characters share a brief moment of chemistry within Frozen 2.

Yet another possibility lies in relation to the life of Prince Hans. Prince Hans whose life has been under carpet for quite a long time shall possibly be unveiled in Frozen 3.Hitherto, the plot line is supposed to follow the train of thought as penned in the novel.

Although Prince Hans’ backstory is not explored in Frozen, the official tie-in novel ‘A Frozen Heart’ goes into detail about the physical and emotional abuse he suffered at the hands of his twelve older brothers, and his many attempts to win his father’s respect. The novel explains that Hans’ plot is partially motivated by the throne, but equally motivated by an attempt to escape his abusive family. The end of Frozen reveals Hans’ scheme and shows him being arrested and sent back home.

Hence,if Frozen 3 happens, Prince Hans should return as the villain and finally explore his troubled past. Although Hans doesn’t appear in Frozen 2, his lasting impact on Anna and the frequent references to Hans confirm that Disney is keeping him in the franchise. Frozen 2 ends with Princess Anna taking over as Arendelle’s queen, but hasn’t fully explored her residual trauma from her short engagement to Hans. Thus in the third part chances are high for a turbulent,stormy return of prince Hans.

Prince Hans will likely want revenge after Anna and Elsa sent him back to the Southern Isles, and might view Elsa’s abdication of the throne as an opportunity to once again make a move for the Arendelle throne.

Unlike Kristoff, who didn’t have a real song until Frozen 2, Prince Hans is featured in a bubbly duet with Princess Anna in, “Love Is An Open Door.” However, that song came before Frozen revealed that Prince Hans was the true villain of the film. By keeping that reveal under wraps, Prince Hans never got to have the traditional Disney villain song, where the villain explains their motives and evil plans.

But the release date of Frozen 3 is still under debate and Disney is possibly coming out with a relief news for all the Frozen fans out there. However, with these grueling possibilities the upcoming third franchise might be even more exhilarating than the previous parts,surmises the fans.

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