Galaxy S20 with effective seclusion

Android mobile innovations are always fascinating, and the South Korean Company comes with a piece of news about Galaxy S20 to delight privacy concerned people.

The new technology in Galaxy S20 is all about its secure processor. Without digging a large hole in one’s pocket, people can purchase it. When focusing on Samsung Galaxy S20, 5G price will go high.

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Android mobiles changed the lifestyle of the majority in many ways. From rushing to the bank for various transactions, we reached sitting relaxed at home and making different payment activities. These involved storing bank account details as well as passwords. Modern hacking technologies are growing, along with android developers. Hence users always run behind the security of their device. The security solution given by Samsung Galaxy S20 is ‘Samsung Knox.’

Earlier, Samsung also predicted the launch of Galaxy Note S20, and the similarity is the battery size, which is Galaxy S20 has the same size as that of Galaxy Note S20.

Samsung Knox was mistaken as an antivirus application, but it was another layer of protection offered by the Company, which also played the role of an antivirus tool. Galaxy S20’s Samsung Knox enabled the users to classify their data as personal and enterprise. Simple instructions manipulated in a more accessible manner for the convenience of a new user is also one of its attraction.

The Company lends freedom to the user to uninstall the app, which is entirely free. From the Knox settings tab, the Samsung user can uninstall the Knox. Besides, one can backup the Knox data, which will be stored safely in the device app folder. However, Samsung demands to keep the Samsung Knox, a defense-grade security solution in the mobile, as hardware attacks are advanced these days.

Galaxy S20
Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 makes sure that until the mobile gets in physical contact with the hacker, it is safe. The physical chip inside gives a space that is isolated. The new version of Samsung can also detect the sudden temperature variations and invalid voltage change which guard against the bad attack.

Specifications of Galaxy S20

Display : 6.2 inches, 3200 X 1440
Camera : 12 MP (Triple camera), 10 MP front
Hardware : Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 12 GB RAM
Storage :128 GB, micro SDXC
Battery : 4000mAh
OS: Android 10

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