Get Ready for ‘Pixar Popcorn’ on Disney+: Here’s When and How to watch!

Disney+ is all set to come up with something magical soon. ‘Pixar Popcorn’, a brand new mini series by Disney+ shall see the light of the day on 22nd January 2021! Hurry up and get ready for something funny and relaxing. But when and how can you watch ‘Pixar Popcorn’? Well, read more, you shall find the answer.

Of late, Disney+ has shared the happy news via their official Facebook page.

“Get ready for Pixar Popcorn, a collection of mini-shorts starring your favorite Pixar characters in all-new stories. All episodes are streaming January 22 on Disney Plus,” says the post.

'Pixar Popcorn' official poster by 'Disney+'
‘Pixar Popcorn’ official poster by ‘Disney+’

Soon after the grand success of the movie ‘Soul’, the first Pixar film to debut on Disney+, now its the turn of ‘Pixar Popcorn’. According to the latest reports ‘Pixar Popcorn’ will launch with ten short films featuring beloved characters from some of the studio’s most popular movies. And based on the first trailer, it’s going to be a tasty little treat for fans.

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‘Pixar Popcorn’ Mini-Shorts On Disney+ to be unveiled soon!

The collection of ten mini-short will include stories based on ‘Toy Story’, ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Cars’, ‘The Incredibles’, ‘Coco’, and ‘Soul’. The episodes include “Dancing with the Cars,” “Unparalleled Parking,” “Soul of the City,” “Cookie Num Num,” “Chore Day The Incredibles Way,” “Dory Finding,” “A Day in the Life of the Dead,” “To Fitness and Beyond,” “Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny,” and a mysterious 10th title.

‘Pixar Popcorn’ Mini-Shorts On Disney+
‘Pixar Popcorn’ Mini-Shorts On Disney+

The official trailer released by Disney+ has caused a hullabaloo among the ‘Pixar’ fans. As per the latest reports the collection of ten mini-stories titled ‘Pixar Popcorns’ shall be released on 22nd January 2021, Friday, to celebrate National popcorn day.

Pixar has a long history producing shorts, which date back to the studio’s founding. These still play before each featured film release. The studio also launched its great original Shortcuts program in 2019. Those shorts can already be found on Disney+, as can “Forky Asks a Question.” The series, featuring quick Q&As with Toy Story 4‘s Forky, won an Emmy last year for Outstanding Short Form Animated Program.

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