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Teachers pay Teachers a brief introduction

Due to the pandemic, many schools are shut and most of the kids were learning only at home. Now it’s the holiday season anyway. But although many teachers and parents know already about the Teachers pay Teachers program, we still would like to go a bit deeper into it which might really help many out there. Teachers pay Teachers which literally means the person who is teaching will be paying the ones who are selling their products for academics to aid students. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a teacher, anyone who teaches can access the website and use it. It is the world’s most popular online marketplace for original educational resources.

TpT is more like an educational Etsy. Teachers put the products that they have made and the educators range from preschool teachers to college professors as well. It’s an awesome website for parents too who think of homeschooling their kids. As each child learns differently, some may not follow the teachings in schools and still, they will ask for help at home. Activities on TpT can help a lot in situations like these. If a child needs a different approach for a concept taught in their class, a fast download might make life easier for them as well as the parents or their private tutors.

Study at Home - Pandemic
Study at Home – Pandemic

Can anyone use TpT?

TpT is probably set up for teachers and tutors, but for parents too it is most important due to the current situation, most of the kids are homeschooling. Homeschooling could be due to various reasons too. For parents, the benefits of use are so many like summer, extension activities, student-led learning, and virtual learning as well. More than 2 out of 3 U.S teachers come to TpT every year to get detailed, teacher-tested, and engaging materials for their personal use for students. 

What is the main mission of this program?

Empower Education
Empower Education

TpT was founded by Paul Edelman, a former NYC public school teacher, in 2006. Well, as said above already the mission is quite clear that TpT aims to empower educators, be it a teacher, parent, or anyone who wants to educate a child, to teach at their best version. According to the TpT records the top most sellers on their website had earned up to $2 million and around 164 teachers have earned over $50,000, and thousands more get a few hundred dollars a month, which obviously makes a big difference if you are living only on a teachers salary. TpT headquarters is located in New York City, and they have remote teams as well around the world in places like Los Angeles, Austin, Ukraine, and India.

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How can you join?

Joining the TpT is free! Yes, it is. Once you sign up, you have access to browse over 3 million resources. Among those, so many of them are completely free for you to download. Now, if you are a seller, then you may have to choose between two account levels like Basic or Premium. The resources will be certainly useful for various projects, classes, etc. the person who wants to download resources from the website will have to become a member on the same which is free as mentioned and resources will then be immediately available for downloads. There are paid resources as well which is up to the person’s choice.

Anyone can use TpT
Anyone can use TpT

Once you’ve purchased a resource, it will be available to you in your account, under the “My Purchases” section of the “My TpT” drop-down menu. Since these are digital resources, you can download them at any time, as many times as you’d like, and from any device.Teachers Pay Teacher (TpT) is a marketplace for original educator-created content. This may include instructional resources, classroom decor, professional development, as well as supplies for creating content such as clip art, font, and other designs.

How to start selling in TpT?

Once you register for a Seller account, you can start uploading resources to your store. You can set your own prices, throw sales, and explore ways to promote and market your store. The TpT administrators will take care of processing orders for the seller and help out with customer support. They offer a few different membership options for Sellers to choose from. TpT’s Basic Membership is FREE and offers standard features and tools whereas their Premium Membership has an annual subscription fee, offers premium features and tools, and you earn a higher Payout Rate.

You too can sell
You too can sell

The seller’s catalog will exist at a unique store URL that’s created when the person signs up as a “Seller”. The seller will be able to personalize their store page by uploading a profile image or logo, telling their visitors about themselves and their experience, adding a store banner, and so on. Start uploading resources and choose up to four resources to feature at the top of your store page. At any time, a seller can even work with third-party service providers to issue their payments to them. The provider that the TpT is currently working with is PayPal.

How do you get Paid by TpT?

Get Paid
Get Paid

To get paid, you’ll need to have an account with PayPal and be sure that your account is eligible and ready to receive payments. Finally, make sure that you’ve provided this information in the “Payment Options” section of your TpT account information. If you earn more than $50,000 in a month, which is the maximum they can send via PayPal at one time, they will send you multiple payments.

The TpT pays out Seller earnings every month. Earnings for each month arrive the following month, no later than the 21st. Optional expenses, such as advertising costs, are automatically deducted from the seller’s payout. If you require an update on your personalized store you may edit your listings, alter the titles and descriptions, change your prices, and swap in revised versions of your products as well.

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