Gianna Bryant’s 14th Birthday, looking back at her life in Photos

“Gianna Bryant,” a young teen who destined not only to follow her father’s legacy but make her own.

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Today, Gianna “ Gigi” Bryant could have been turned 14 years old and been celebrating by getting coaching from her dad, Kobe Bryant.

The rising basketball champion with true -blue amateurs to the game and no doubt would have carried on the tradition the legacy of her father.

Instead, today the world is still mourning for her and her father’s loss, accompanied by seven others following a helicopter crash in January this year.

“Kobe Bryant,” an American basketball player NBA most valuable player, a legend who is known for his legacy and also proud of her elder daughter. The latter earned her “Mamacita” nickname in a short period in the sports world.

Her father was the reason for the young teen started playing basketball Bryant played basketball for the Mamba Sports Academy where she played with the club at the U-10 through U-15 levels. She was also hoping to play with U Conn women’s basketball team.

Remembering the death of her love Khobe, Vanessa recently celebrated her anniversary with her ‘King’ for the first time, indeed a poignant sight.

Gigi was the future WNBA star, and some of Gianna’s favorite players, like Gabby Williams, said she was a star of the future.

Her and father’s demise was a piece of heartbreaking news in the sports world, A girl who dominated in the NO. 2 Jersey.

Gianna and Kobe Bryant
Gianna and Kobe Bryant

She was an incredible athlete her mother Vanessa Bryant said, Gigi had a very close relationship with her father, Kobe. Both liked helping people learn new things and master them.

Even though ‘Gigi’ and ‘Kobe’ are gone, their legacy will be forever.

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