‘Gigi Hadid’ revealed ‘How she concealed her pregnancy’ on Instagram live

Gigi Hadid revealed how she kept her pregnancy secret for six months, even tricking her most discerning fans. Gigi Hadid seemed to respond a question from her fan who wondered over how Gigi was able to hide being over six months pregnant on her most recent Instagram Live six days ago.

Gigi Hadid Pregnancy

The 25-year-old model is halfway through her pregnancy; this is the first baby for both Hadid and Malik, 27. According to the outlet, multiple “family sources” confirmed that Hadid is pregnant on the last of April. They also shared ‘set to welcome a baby girl’ together, Zayn and Gigi recently revealed the gender of the baby.

Before Gigi could reveal the fact about her pregnancy, her mother, Yolanda Hadid, had sparked it in another interview even though she was shocked by her daughter’s pregnancy news.


“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” expressed her happiness to be a grandmother.

Instagram Live with Erin Parsons

Gigi Hadid went on Instagram live after pregnancy announcement with Maybelline’s Global Makeup Artist Erin Parsons this afternoon to show fans how she usually uses her makeup only using Maybelline products as a spokesperson. The two spoke about beauty routines, and at one point, Hadid opened up about how her pregnancy has affected her face shape. She added comments on plastic surgery.

Explaining that she has ‘never injected anything’ into her face, “People think that I shape my brows like I shape my brows arched. If you look at baby pictures of me, I’ve had these crazy arched brows since I was born. Also, people think I do fillers on my face, which is why my face is round. I’ve had this since I was born. Especially fashion month, when I was already, like, a few months ago, you know…” Hadid trailed off.

How she ‘concealed her Pregnancy.’

Gigi Hadid responds to a question from a fan who marveled over how Gigi was able to hide being over six months pregnant on her most recent Instagram Live six days ago. “How do you not have a tummy?? I’m 4 months into my pregnancy, and my tummy is huge. You look great, tho!” the user wrote.


Gigi – who meant pictured in an oversized jumpsuit – replied: “This angle and the baggy jumpsuit make for an optical illusion. From the side, it’s a different story, haha – wishing you the best.” During her, Instagram Live with Sophia Roe, a New York City-based chef and welfare advocate.

The women spoke about understanding privilege, what would be needed to help achieve racial equality and the work involved in becoming anti-racist.

Gigi Hadid and Zayne Malik
Gigi Hadid and Zayne Malik

Gigi hasn’t talked much about her pregnancy generally, keeping her primary focus on the Black Lives Matter movement on her Instagram.

Gigi and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, has spent most of the lockdown in Pennsylvania on her mother Yolanda’s farm alongside her sister Bella.

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