Golf course reopening announcement expected Thursday

Golf is reopening in Massachusetts, with Governor Charlie Baker expected to make an announcement Thursday.

The reopening will come with specific guidelines, which Baker will detail in his statement, the report said. “So we’re looking at, first of all, folks came in and did talk to the advisory board,” the governor said.

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“I think that was a good meeting and we’ve been talking to our colleagues around the Northeast region about what their policies and practices are, and incorporating that into our decision making as well” he added. Baker recently had extended his stay-at-home orders for all non-essential businesses golf included until May 18. But golfers kept waving.

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Joe Marin of Franklin started a petition in March, asking Baker to reopen the state’s courses. Golf course owners have been pushing Baker to allow them to open their courses amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Joe Marin had close to 40,000 signatures by Monday. After meeting with the state’s reopening advisory board, saying they “hope to hear soon that golf can resume in the Commonwealth under the established guidelines presented.”

Golf course reopening
Golf course reopening

Markus Söder, the Prime Minister of Bavaria, announced yesterday that clubs in that region would reopen on Monday, but at least one has paid the price for jumping the gun. But some clubs and especially privately-owned courses felt that this was taking things too far. They could easily comply with all government regulations and recommendations and still, play.

In Australia, where less than 100 deaths have recorded, courses have now reopened after nearly a month of lockdown restrictions

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