Google Chrome celebrates its 12th Anniversary

It was just over twelve years ago that Google entered the browser market with Chrome, which was positively received for its speed. To celebrate the occasion, Google shared a special birthday tweet over the weekend, featuring a birthday cake and a teaser for a surprise coming on September 4.

Watch Google Celebrating 12th Anniversary

By the last 12 years Google’s Browser “chrome” had grown to conquer the majority of the browser market. Its holding majority share according to the Net Market share.

Recently Google Chrome is improving the performance of its tabs and introducing new features to increase efficiency.

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Google is improving the recently introduced tab grouping, which will help visually distinguish the tabs by topic and collapse and expand tabs accordingly. Improvements in the tabs could lead to 10 per cent faster page loads and more battery and memory savings. While some of these features are still in beta mode, the rest will gradually be rolling out for all users.


Alex Ainslie, Director of UX, Google Chrome, said in a blog post that people had been spending more time in their browsers these days to get things done, and Chrome wanted to help them be more productive.

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