Google Flights; 10 easy steps to book a flight

An online flight booking search service, Google Flights enables the users to find air tickets with the help of third party suppliers.

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Step 1

Proceed to Google Flights.

Step 2

Choose the number of stops, cabin class, and the total number of tickets needed.

Step 3

Select the ticket type from the options one way, round trip, and multi-city.

Step 4

Airline tickets can refundable
Airline tickets can refundable

Select the departure airport and destination. by tapping the Explore option you can choose any from the popular destinations.

Step 5

There is a calendar entry box from where you can select the corresponding flight dates.

Step 6

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You will get the lowest price of flights for each day which are updated every 24 hours. You can filter the information by clicking on Stops/Airlines/Times or More option.

Step 7

Select ‘Sort by’ option for re-ordering the flights. There is a default order called ‘Best Flights’ which gives information about price and convenience according to the duration, number of stops, and airport changes. Price, duration, and departure time can be selected from the given data.

Step 8

Choose a flight of your requirement.

Step 9

Once you select the ticket, you will move to the website of the corresponding airline or a travel agency to complete the transaction. You can also book on google.

Step 10

After a successful booking, you have to confirm your ticket by contacting the airline or travel agent. Any change that has to be made can also be done through the confirmation.

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Advantages of Google Flights

  • Numerous airports identified instantly.
  • Flexible dates and affordable places can be found using the Explore option.
  • The price info box assures you a better deal.
  • When comparing with other flight search engines Google Flights is the fastest.

Disadvantages of Google Flights

  • Google Flights sometimes show wrong fares that maybe not the least price.
  • Refunding for the canceled trips are not made by Google Flights but by the airline or agency themself. Thus it takes time for the process.

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