‘GUCCI’ selling ‘Upside-Down’ Glasses at Unbelievable price!

GUCCI is very much a trendsetter for fashion products. Now the fashion spot has come up with inverted or upside-down glasses/eye-wear which is being sold at £470 ( $ 630 ) and people are very very confused. As anyone might feel ‘why’ this trend?

The Gucci Style

The famous Cat’s eye shape eye-wear which is rounded at the base and pointed at the ends were indeed a great catch in the ’50s and ’60s and was back in fashion even till recently. But here is where Gucci set its new style by inverting the hole shape, with legs and noses bridged the same way up so that a person can wear it like normal eye-wear, with a rather droopy style.

Gucci new style eye wear
Gucci new style eye wear

Their own website adds a description to it which says,” An unconventional take on the ‘50s and ‘60s inspired cat-eye frames, these sunglasses are presented with an inverted design that created an “upside-down” effect.” The frames and temples are created using multiple layers of black and acetate. Enameled floral details and the petite ‘Gucci’ logo further is supposed to enrich the design.

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Various reactions have spread across the media by the shoppers where some are mocking at the style, some posted pictures of themselves wearing their own glasses upside down. Even the ‘Specsavers’ teased the trendsetting fashion house brand about the glasses posting, “Hi, @gucci, we need to talk.” which further included a picture of their glasses turned upside down and commenting on it as “Fixed them.”
No further comments have appeared from Gucci so far about their new “invention”.

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