Halle Berry, 53, shows off her toned legs in the sultry poolside snapshot

Halley Berry
Halley Berry

“Halle Berry,” the social butterfly exposes her self in a stunning swimsuit that showed off her shapely inner oily legs. Her poolside pic is mystique.

Halle Berry Quarantine

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Oh, a quarantine time with Halle Berry! The John Wick: Chapter 3– Parabellum actress shares her mesmerizing pic, lounging by her poolside in a sexy swimsuit, while confined to her $8M mansion during Covid-19 quarantine. 

The 53-year-old Academy winner- who vaunts 6.7 Instagram/ Facebook followers captioned social media crush: ‘Summer in April vibes,’ shows the icon is lying on the edge of her pool besides next to a garden full of palm trees. She gives the camera a shimmering glance in aviator sunglasses while showing off her good, sexy legs.

The “Halle Maria Berry,” an American actress, was adorned with a berry red bathing suit and matching coverup for her soothing dip and kept her hair tied in a bun. Her fans were stunned with her shimmering beauty of the image, Once fan left her tons of heart and flame emoji’s, commenting “ Gotta comment twice.” The pic is that good. “ Girl YES!!” wrote another fan, “ Omg. I love this picture!” One commenter joked that loved pool, Sure buddy.

The Fitness guru said “ Sometime, while my son is in class online, I’ll use a chair to do 40 or 50 step-ups per leg on the sidelines to get my heart pumping,” she told the magazine, “ To increase the challenge, I’ll hold a set of weights in my hands or strap ankle weights. I even use my son as workout equipment when we’re goofing around. I’ll sit in a chair, and he’ll lay across my feet, and I’ll do a few sets of leg extensions.”

Halle had the internet in full meltdown mode by posting her sexy hot pics.