Hallmark Channel: Here’s what makes ‘Christmas in Vienna’more special!

Nobody can outwit the Hallmark Channel when it comes to the Christmas seasons! The elegance and stupendous magic with which it recreate the aura of Yuletide springs are massive and matchless. Once again this is [roved with the recent Christmas movie channeled via Hallmark- ‘Christmas in Vienna’! Yes! The movie turned out to be an enchanting welcome into the heavenly bliss of Christmas.

‘Christmas in Vienna’ which got aired in the Hallmark channel on 14th November, Saturday was well received by the movie buffs. With its quaint small towns, picture-perfect inns, and gorgeous homes decked out with lights, wreaths, and mistletoe, the movie expanded its cinematographic techniques as a stepping stone towards the fairy land of Yuletide bliss. Was it filmed originally in Vienna was one of the most repeatedly asked questions by the viewers which was answered by the actress Sarah Drew herself in one of her interviews recently.

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Exclusive Review on ‘Christmas in Vienna’

Filmed in Vienna, a location in the European city known for its magical Christmas markets, the movie revolves around a festive love story about concert violinist Jess (Sarah Drew) and American diplomat Mark (Brennan Elliott). After Jess is invited to perform at the Vienna Music Hall’s prestigious Christmas Eve concert, she travels to Vienna two weeks early to visit her friend Tori, who is cousins with Mark and is a nanny to his children. Jess forms a special bond with Mark’s children when she agrees to watch them so Tori can sell crafts at the Christmas market, but she also forms a lasting connection with Mark.

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Unlike a cliche romantic tale that is primarily centered on juicy dialogues and love messages, the movie makes use of music as a medium to pour out one’s feelings to the other. This in fact makes it quiet magical in every sense. The warm and pleasing Christmas hullabaloos coupled with the melodious violin rendition by Jess in the movie not only offers a visual treat but also gives the audience a holy chance to travel through the mellifluous world of music.

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As far as the filming in Vienna is concerned the actress herself revealed that it was once in a lifetime experience. He said that the festive cities in the movie are real and not artificially constructed and this in fact added up the authentic air of the movie even more in every respect.

“The only thing we had to add was snow sometimes.” Christmas in Vienna also filmed at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, where they climbed to the top of bell tower, and in Vienna’s famous Riesenrad ferris wheel, as well as the city’s bustling marketplaces. “We literally didn’t have to decorate because everything was decorated for the holidays,” Drew said. “We were working in the middle of actual shoppers from all over the world. So it was incredible.”

With the movie ‘Christmas in Vienna’ the Hallmark Channel has kick started its journey towards Christmas 2020. And remember, ‘Well begun is half done’! This has encouraged the viewers to anticipate more of such Yuletide treats from the Hallmark crew. Let’s put our fingers crossed!

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